Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Winter is not so bad here in the Pacific Northwest. No great snow fall or extreme temperatures. I rather like it.

It is spring that sucks. It starts somewhere in early February when the red flowering currant and cherries start to bloom and lasts until the 4th of July. During that time there will be rain and gray. It feels like it has been raining for weeks. 

Indian plum

Lichen and moss

Oregon grape

Red flowering currant

When I was at Queen Mary Tea Room it was gray, then sunny, then pouring. A woman said to the little girl with her, "The rain is what makes it so green and all the flowers bloom. That is why it is so pretty here."

Winter officially ends this weekend, though people have been extolling spring for weeks. Yes, lots of things are blooming and it is pretty but does it have to go on forever?